Mid-Southern Interdisciplinary Sciences Association (MISA)
Education, Leadership, Research & Service

President’s Message to MISA’s Members

Dear MISA’s Members:


sbrown2It is a special honor and a privilege to begin my term as president of the Mid-Southern Interdisciplinary Sciences Association (MISA).  My goal is to be a strong leader by promoting and encouraging scholars to engage in thought-provoking and scientific dialogue on issues that we are facing on a daily basis.  We hope that sharing of research among other scholars will promote and bring about social change in our communities and society.

The core values of MISA are Education, Leadership, Research and Service.  These core values are central to the mission and objectives of the Association.  The mission of the Mid-Southern Interdisciplinary Sciences Association (MISA) is an interdisciplinary professional association founded in 2017 to promote interchange of ideas among scholars in all fields of study on intellectual and social issues.  MISA is incorporated as a non-profit educational association with a southern region and international recruitment focus attached to its membership opportunities.  MISA is created to enhance the understanding of social issues by educating each other in an interdisciplinary way and to present interdisciplinary perspectives of problems to people outside those disciplines in a clear and understanding fashion.

I would like to thank all of you for becoming an active member and supporter of this great Association. A place where you can make a contribution in changing the global landscape.


Dr. Shirley Rainey-Brown, President, MISA
Vice Provost for Online Initiative & Director of Distance Learning, 
Discipline Coordinator & Professor of Sociology 

Fisk University
Nashville, TN 37208