Mid-Southern Interdisciplinary Sciences Association (MISA)
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The Mid-Southern Interdisciplinary Sciences Association (MISA) is created to enhance understanding of social issues by educating each other in an interdisciplinary format and to present disciplinary perspectives of problems to people outside those disciplines in a clear and understanding fashion. MISA provides an opportunity for any disciplinary area both nationally and internationally to become a member and participate in the annual conference. MISA was formed on January 17, 2017 by Dr. Thomas Durant, Dr. Ollie Christian and Dr. Shirley Rainey-Brown.

MISA is incorporated as a non-profit educational association in the State of Tennessee with a southern region and international recruitment focus attached to its membership opportunities. The mission of Mid-Southern Interdisciplinary Sciences Association (MISA) is an interdisciplinary professional association formed to promote the interchange of ideas among scholars in all fields of study on intellectual and social issues.   Our Vision is to develop academic professionals that value, promote and reward scholarly activity that is informed by research and reflection that results in deep learning for all participants.

Donors who give to the association can deduct contributions they make on their income tax returns. So think about becoming a financial contributor to the association. Refer to the link on membership fees for additional information. 

We challenge and encourage you to help us make a difference by getting involved an innovative and exciting association that is about Research, Leadership, Education and Service. MISA is for everyone!! So, come and join the organization.